VIP Unit

The VIP unit is perfect for weddings or executive outings where luxury is a priority. This portable restroom is designed with comfort in mind and is even larger than our deluxe unit. The larger interior gives the feeling of an actual restroom and the stylish exterior will blend in well at a party or wedding ceremony. This ultimate Portable Toilet is fully outfitted with all the fine details including vanity sink with mirror and internal lighting, extra room for guests in formal attire, with extra shelf space with extra room on the counter for a purse or sport coat and private hand washing station. These units are fully self-contained with a flushing toilet, self- closing faucet, trash receptacle, a sink with running water with antibacterial soap, toilet seat covers, toilet paper and paper towel dispenser.

Please keep in mind that if you are serving alcohol at your event, you will require more restroom facilities (up to 4 times as many) than an average event where no alcohol will be served

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