Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are used as effective visual barriers and dust control solutions. Our standard privacy screen is a woven knit fabric that is 85% block. This fabric is durable and will not continue to fray like many other fabrics when punctured.  Our privacy screen has a tape-and-grommet perimeter for a clean, finished look and added strength. Common colors include green, black, brown, and beige. Custom colors can be special ordered if preferred.

Custom screens can be ordered in an assortment of colors and cut to the exact measurements you need. With a number of different fabrics to choose from, we have a solution for you. Custom screens are a great way to add privacy and beauty to an iron or chain- link gate.

Custom printed banners are an ideal way to advertise for your business or favorite sports team. Our screen suppliers are able to print any photo image onto certain screens. We can even help you create a graphic or logo if needed. Custom graphics can turn the industrial look of a temporary fence into a work of art.

Safety & Debris nettings are economical ways to delineate the perimeter of either small or large areas. The nettings are 4’ high and normally are attached to T-posts or wood stakes. These nettings can be ordered in high visibility colors like orange and blue or darker earthly colors such as dark green or black.    

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