TEMPORARY GATES are often necessary to protect a property until a permanent gate can be manufactured and installed. Gate posts are normally driven 24” into the ground, or flange posts can be used to anchor a post to concrete. Gates can either be hinged to swing almost 360 degrees, or FFR is capable of constructing slide gates that roll along a track as well. Whatever your needs, FFR can offer a gate solution.

Standard gate heights are 4’, 6’, and 8’.

Standard gate widths are 4’, 10’ 12’, and 14’.

Custom gates are all fabricated at a FFR weld shop. We have fabricated gates of all sorts, even high-security panic bar gates. If we don’t have what you need on hand, we can make it.

Swivel wheels can be added to any swing gate to keep the gate from dragging and make it easier to operate.

Self- closing walk-through gates are offered as a safety option for those who have young children or pets. These gates come equipped with a striker/ receiver latch and a gate spring to make certain the gate is not left open by accident.

Drop rod assemblies are an upgrade option for any size double gate. The drop rod will firmly hold both gates in the closed position when the latch is engaged, or allows you to keep one side firmly in the closed position while leaving the other gate free to open. Having a drop rod assembly requires drilling a hole in the ground in between the two gates. The drop rod drops into the hole to hold the gate closed and slides out of the hole to open the gate.

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