Freestanding Panels

FREESTANDING CHAIN- LINK FENCE PANELS allow you to modify your fence layout/positioning as needed. A freestanding panel fence is a series of 12’ or 14’ wide panels clamped together and stabilized with panel stands at the base of each panel. Panels can be assembled and disassembled with ease, which allows you to move the fence as you feel necessary. Freestanding panels are commonly used for short-term fence rentals where driving fence posts is not an option. These panels also allow you to install a fence across a parking lot or inside a warehouse without drilling holes in the ground.

Fence Factory Rentals offers freestanding fence panels in 4’, 6’, and 8’ heights.


Sand or Gravel bags which add weight to the panel stand to help stabilize the fence

Privacy screen is available in green, black, brown, and beige. Custom colors and printed image banners are available as well. NOTE: Freestanding panels will blow down in high winds when the screen is attached. The fence must be safely secured to a strong, fixed structure before attaching the privacy screen.

Privacy slat panels are available in green and at a 6’ height only. These 6’x10’ panels give you close to 100% privacy from the outside looking in. They are ideal when complete privacy is of the upmost importance. Once again, these panels will blow down in high winds. This fence must be safely secured at all times.

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